CANCION Morning glory - Hamartia

Letra musicalI never knew that I could create these severe tumors
They have spread upon my skin to my nerves, dying at the expense of my own devices
There's a blackness in my heart that I cannot erase
So diagnose what's left of me
Count the days like the words, meant to be numbered
Time ends
It's growing nearer
Somehow I know it was meant to never last this way
So remove the mirror away from my face, for I'll only gain another disgusting pain to dwell within
Perfect desire and hope
I no longer need to feel as precious as I was before, if God is watching now I hope he'll hear me cry
Because I know for sure I never was a bad person to begin with
I just forgot to pray yesterday, Damn I am dying inside but I am not afrait to let it fade
This time there's no excuses left to say
With one quick blink of an eye, my compassion dies
Take my hope away, for the breeze to bring the ashes right to my mother's arms
Back to my mother's arms, back to where I last felt embraced




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